About Us

SSF is located in a small town in Raseiniai region. We create jobs in the region and contribute to the district budget as well as support local communities.

Who we are

SSF is a Lithuanian hot tub parts manufacturer with humble beginnings, that started in the summer of 2008. Back then it was just a small workshop with a handful of professional welders producing stainless steel hot tub heaters to a handful of clients.

Factory Size

4000+ square meters


84 and counting

Company Founded

In August of 2008

Our values

Our values – quality, improvement, responsibility, stability/reliability, teamwork, and respect – are our foundation of business.

CEO Andrius Čilvinas, photo from company archive

It took more than 12 years from working in a garage to a factory with an area of more than 4000 square meters.

Company founder and CEO Andrius Čilvinas had the vision to expand the business by offering clients what they wanted the most – quality products and reliable service.

10 years fiesta, photo from company archive

Taking values into account and understanding that a strong and motivated team will only exist when these values are constantly enabled.

We are happy that summer and winter festivities have already become a tradition, which the entire SSF team is looking forward to.


Urta drift team on the racetrack, photo from company archive

When a group of like-minded people got together in the SSF team, they founded the Urta drift team, which has grown into an internationally known, appreciated and winning club and currently gathers not only SSF colleagues.

In the Urta Club, we not only spend time doing unifying common activities, but constantly grow as and strengthen as individuals, learn to work as a team, motivate and encourage each other, which undoubtedly contributes to the growth of SSF.